Our goal is to provide quality design solutions that deliver the desired aesthetic while responding to our client's functional needs.

We view Interior Architecture and Design as an art form born of practical need. Our approach is to respect and develop both the artistic and practical aspects of a design project through a fluid exploration of the artistic opportunities within a well managed process.

In partnership with our clients, we follow a four step design process to ensure the project fulfills the client's vision and their expectations regarding time and budget.


  1. Need Determine requirements, analyze and identify design problems to solve.
  2. Idea Explore design possibilities, define and develop artistic opportunities.
  3. Plan Organize, schedule, track and report.
  4. Install Coordinate, supervise process, verify results and document

Diedrick Designs, Inc. was started in 1994 by Danielle Diedrick. Danielle is an established San Francisco Bay Area designer. Marie Glynn joined the design firm in 1996.

Danielle and Marie began their association in 1987 while attending California College of Arts in San Francisco, California. As classmates they found in each other a source of inspiration, motivation and constructive critique. These are the ingredients for great creative teamwork and are the foundation for their present day partnership. Both designers have BFA degrees in Interior Architecture from CCA.

Send an email to info@diedrickdesigns.com for a project list.